4/22-4/24 (3 days), Fanciful Folk Art with Alison O'Donoghue, Sat. - Mon., 9:30-4:30pm

4/22-4/24 (3 days), Fanciful Folk Art with Alison O'Donoghue, Sat. - Mon., 9:30-4:30pm


Create a personal painting with images significant to you, in the colorful, lively folk art format of stacking, interacting and pattern. With simple yet meaningful imagery such as birds, animals, flowers, plants, objects etc.... you will create a harmonious and interactive world within the bounds of the board.

Through the process of layering with acrylics, including adding washes of color and highlights, your result is a colorful, vibrant painting, glowing with light and color. A student supply list will be emailed upon registration.

Alison's art shows regularly at Simon Mace Gallery in Port Townsend and can also be seen at  aliorange.com


DRAWING SUPPLIES: Paper- any notebook, sketchbook, loose leaf, lines, no lines, anything. This does not need to be special or quality paper, in fact it is better if it isn’t. We will only be using it to generate images, and may be cutting it up as well. Pens/pencils- anything will do here - go for bold, like black sharpie rather than skinny pencil.

SURFACE: Rectangle or square smooth wood panel, in the range of 10- 14 inches, any size or shape in that range will do.

GESSO: White or black.

PENCIL: White watercolor pencil. Make absolutely sure it’s water soluble- as we will be washing away the lines with water after painting.

ACRYLIC PAINTS: I recommend Golden Brand or Liquitex Brand as you will enjoy painting more and get better results with these higher quality paints.

  • Black, white,  and your choice of a variety of colors.
  • An assortment of at least 3 transparent acrylic paints- in liquid or heavy body- (tube or jar) form. Earth tones like reds, browns, yellows, burnt orange, sap green are good choices.

•BRUSHES: One foam brush for gesso- 1” wide – 2” wide, one soft flat brush for base coat and for varnish- 1”wide – 2” wide, a few round brushes for the painting (sizes 3,4,5,6), I prefer sable brushes for their ability to hold a point for detail.

VARNISH: A polymer varnish, Liquitex and Golden are good choices, in satin or gloss.

Please call Port Townsend School of the Arts at (360)344-4479 for accommodation information.

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