Meg Kaczyk

Why is art important? I believe that expressing a unique view of splendid reality is the gift and the imperative of the artist. Art conveys both personal and universal truth, and in this way art is essential.

Why are you an artist? I have been always drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil . . . . In high school, I was introduced to the practical art of graphic design. This discovery led to illustration and advertising studies at Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After working as a designer in Detroit for a couple of years, I headed west to work at various advertising agencies as a creative director for top technology clients. Along the way, I kept making pictures and growing as a fine artist, showing and selling my work in various venues. My visual voice is a loose and joyful freedom of expression, emerging in contrast to the requirements of commercial art. My fluidly bold paintings, prints and drawings show at galleries and in private collections around the world. In my work, I seek to celebrate aliveness in form, gesture and place. I love the collaboration in teaching, with student and teacher in turn encouraging and uncovering talent, inspiration and shared passion for making art. I enjoy empowering my students in art making that arises from their own seeing, experience, ready hands and open heart.

What Meg's students say: 

"I feel like a started a journey in the "Ways to Inspiration" class that I’m excited to continue in the "Make It Abstract" class."  Patricia

"I really enjoyed Meg's teaching and was inspired to push myself into abstraction." Jadyne

"I LOVED Meg's class.  I think Meg's work is wonderful (inspires me!) and this class was a wonderful energizer for me on all kinds of levels." Katherine


Ways to Inspiration

Make it Abstract

Reverse Ekphrastic

Papier-Mache for Grown-Ups

Mindful Practices for Art Making

Faculty portrait by Chuck Moses ©2017