Kathy Constantine

Artist Statement

I approach my art by responding to a whispering and elusive thought or inspiration that springs from my imagination. Thus, the immaterial becomes material and the result is not based on visual references.

Loving the process of experimentation, I walk down the path of discovery, where ideas and materials play together in a joyful way. Approaching my artistic endeavors in a playful way has led me to discover the abundance of whimsical ideas and images that live in my imagination.

I approach art like I do cooking, using only my intuition to guide me. I don’t care much for recipes, instructions or rules so I push away external expectations and allow chance, exploration, and cumulative experience to bring about secure expression without judgement.

Wabi Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic where one accepts the beauty in transience, imperfection, asymmetry, irregularity and the natural process of aging, is a concept to which I easily relate. Also, the concepts of simplicity, harmony, balance and the absence of self-nature have become instinctive guides for my stream-of-consciousness approach to creating. I get out of my own way and simply follow the path.

I begin by turning on music and gathering materials that feel right together; then I take the first step without a concrete plan. My materials are many and varied with acrylic paint and mediums being central. To this I add texture tools, found and created; hand-painted papers; my own photographs; personally-made stamps and stencils; inks; charcoal; pastels; a variety of ink pens; metal leaf;  and more.  


Acrylic Mixed-Media for New & Emerging Artists 

The Yin & Yang of Design Using Negative Painting