Patti Barker

Working with my hands is in my blood, a value of it was handed down. From the beginning of my Nuno felt experience, the process of transforming wisps of wool and silk into felted cloth with a little soapy water, has struck me as magical. Over the years, that process has filled me with a sense of accomplishment. I'm enchanted with the limitless possibilities of fiber art. If someone feels a bit more playful or beautiful while adorned with my work, then I have succeeded.

As design elements bond together during the process, Nuno felt offers many opportunities for surprises and happy accidents. This is the magic of Nuno felt. My designs usually begin with color ideas or blends, then evolve into compositions in which color, texture and patterns are primary elements. All of my clothing is produced with felted seams (no sewing), and the garment and fabric are created simultaneously. What makes my designs unique is the fact that I hand-dye every element used.

Patti Barker lives on San Juan Island, in Washington with her husband Rex... and their African Gray parrot, Baby Huey.

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Textural Adventures in Felt Making