Nhatt Nichols

Nhatt Nichols is from the top of a mountain in north-central Washington State. Raised by survivalist parents, she grew up with a the ability to watch and observe the world around her as a permanent outsider.

She views her role as an artist as one of storyteller, and moves between fine art, poetry, and graphic novels confident that the message is more important that the medium. 

She is had her first major solo show at UnSmoke in Braddock, PA in 2016, and since then she has been focused on Grief is Weird, a comic book about grief, and I Don't Want You to See No More, her graphic novel that has been ten years in the making.

Nichols graduated from London's The Royal Drawing School in 2011 with an MFA equivalent degree in drawing. After graduating she left London, ending a decade of living abroad to travel in her home country. She lived in Brooklyn and Martha's Vineyard, and she has now settled in Port Townsend where she is a member of Corvidae Press and teaches at Centrum and Gage Academy. You can see her comic Not With a Bang But a Quimper in The Local.


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