Suzy Louise

Suzy designs and creates metal art jewelry by hand from precious metal sheet and wire. Her designs are usually built around special stones that have a history of place or time. Her designs are raw, earthy, and may include textures she finds in the natural world.

Suzy spent two years in the Jewelry Design program at North Seattle College and had her work shown in their Student Show two consecutive years. She was also part of Northwind Arts Center 2016 Small Expressions 15 exhibit. 

In a previous life Suzy was a farmer and a seed saver. Similar to the color and texture of the stones she both collects and cuts, Suzy is smitten with the color and texture of seeds, and their potential for providing food and beauty. When not in her studio creating with her torch and jeweler’s saw, Suzy is out in her garden growing food and contending with the omnipresent weed, including her favorite, thistle.