Marcy Gordon

Marcy Gordon, who graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in art and psychology and studied at The Factory of Visual Art, Seattle, and the Dallas Institute of Fine Arts, has been teaching watercolor illustration for over 25 years. She has led workshops and classes at a dozen colleges and universities in Washington and California, both for credit and pleasure. “There is nothing more satisfying to me than to sit in front of a beautiful flower, studying the form and color, and then painting what I see,” Gordon says. 

Following are a few of the recommendations and evaluations from program administrators and students.

"Ms Gordon is an excellent instructor of a very exacting skill."

"Marcy has received consistently high student evaluations at the University of California San Diego Extension."

"The instructor was excellent. I learned more in one day than an entire previous semester with another instructor."

"This has been a terrific experience for me.  I've always been afraid of watercolor and now I'm not."

"Marcy is an excellent instructor."

"I have heard of the successes of her students."

"I would love a followup of this class (Watercolor Illustration), taking the process to the next level."


The Basics of Controlled Watercolor

Watercolor Illustration Techniques

Photograph by Chuck Moses ©2017