Lucie Duclos

I am a graphic & surface pattern designer, a mixed media artist and teacher. I work with any medium from pen and ink, beeswax, collage, watercolor to acrylic, but my husband thinks it’s really just an excuse to buy more art supplies.

I live in the coastal town of Port Townsend in the Pacific Northwest but I grew up in Montreal, Canada. I  then moved to the California Bay Area and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in packaging design and for fashion and home décor magazines. My dream was always to move to the Pacific Northwest because I love taking ferries and being surrounded by islands and water and snow capped mountains.

My inspiration comes from organic shapes and textures found in nature, from my travels, and by looking at everyday objects in a different way.

Why are you an artist? Because I am the happiest when I do art, any kind of art. When I lock myself in my studio and get completely entranced in creating art, I feel like I am connecting to the world on a different level, a higher level. I kind of see it as a wifi of creative energy out there and you just have to log-in to tap into it. And creating art is my password to get in!

Why is art important? Everybody can create art. You don’t have to be a master. Everybody starts in life doing art and then they forget how to do it, or they just tell themselves they can’t do it. It’s really unfortunate because I think the world would be a better place if everybody spent more time doing something creative everyday. It’s a vital part of life. 

Photo by Emily McCann



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