Kelly Drake

Why are you an artist?  There’s a very easy answer to the question of why I am an artist: I can’t help it!! All my life, I have been making art of one kind or another. Everything I look at, my mind translates into color, pattern, texture, light and dark, movement. It's part of me…and it’s something that I think about all the time. 

Why is art important?  Art is something that is unique to human beings (although I did once see an elephant at the zoo who could paint a pretty decent abstract piece). A work of art gives the viewer a very personal perspective into the artist’s heart and mind. And so I think of it as a form of empathy. 

I also think that the act of making art is important. It gives the artist an outlet for ideas and emotions. For me, art is usually fun and relaxing. And I believe it’s good for you!


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