Jesse Joshua Watson

Jessie Joshua Watson paints pictures and tells stories. Whether hammocking in Brazil, exploring in Hong Kong, dodging taxis in Russia, studying art in Europe, dancing in Jamaica, or raising kids in the Pacific Northwest, Jesse connects with people. He loves both the differences and the similarities that are so colorfully displayed across our diverse world. Jesse's passion and appreciation of people is voiced through his brush and on his canvas. His illustrations have been featured in magazines, art publications, CD covers, children's books, and even on Oprah. (ha! No, really.) Jesse is the illustrator of many books, including Soccer Fence, written by Phil Bildner, the NY Times Bestselling Hank Zipzer series by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, I And I - Bob Marley, written by Tony Medina, the award winning, ALA Notable Chess Rumble as well as Ghetto Cowboy, both by G. Neri, the Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs series by Sharon Draper and These Things I Wish by Lee Pitts. Jesse was fortunate enough to have gone to Haiti after the earthquake in conjunction with the book he wrote and illustrated in efforts to bring awareness and support to the Haitian people, called HOPE FOR HAITI, published by G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Why are you an artist? I believe that identifying as an artist simply means you like to make art and I like to make art. Everything else is secondary. You will always have further to go so this is one field where there is no end to our search for growth. Think of Matisse bedridden with a long stick to help him continue his large scale drawings. 

Why is art important? Art is important in many ways but developmentally, time spent learning visual problem solving has been shown to increase the capacity in the other more cognitive arenas. Kids who spend time making art are more likely to pursue goals, to finish school, to engage with challenges and to find outlets that help them through the rough transitional years. I am one of those kids who was not only helped but saved by art. I love to pass it on to others, this love of creation and exploration.



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