Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is an Assistant Professor of Writing at Berklee College of Music, and is currently working on a novel about her sister, entitled Proud Flesh. As a writing instructor at the Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies, she was Salt Magazine's editor, and at University of Pittsburgh, the founder of the award-winning CNF journal, COLLISION. Having written for a number of local and national magazines, journals and newspapers, her awards include the Columbia Scholarship Award for Creative Nonfiction, the New Millennium Writings Award for Creative Nonfiction XXXIV and XII, and the Society of Professional Journalists Award. In 2013, she was awarded the Berklee College of Music Steelgrass Residency.

Why are you an artist?  I am an artist because I can't be anything else... it's in my bones, a part of my soul. It's the way I've found best to express myself, to find myself on paper, to know who I am. And too, it's the way I've found best to reach out to people, to communicate in ways the spoken word cannot say. It's a way to unite, to explore, to reveal, to understand. To reach into the best parts of myself, be brave and bold, and say what's true.

Why is art important? Art challenges, reveals, teaches and expresses our deepest feelings, dreams and truths, in ways that cannot otherwise be expressed by the spoken word, alone.

CURRENT CLASSES: Creative Nonfiction and Memoir, Memoir Workshop