Darsie Beck

I am everyday artist, a journal keeper, watercolor painter, stone carver, author and teacher. Ships, bridges, light houses, barns and buildings materialize on the pages of my journals- seals, sea lions, whales and bears emerge from the stones I carve. My creative impetus is the maritime environment of Puget Sound, the island where I live and the Pacific Northwest in general. I am a passionate journal keeper, beginning each day writing in my journal in the quiet of the early morning. On my walks and in my daily travels, my sketching gear is ever ready to record whatever moves me to expression. The time I allow for writing, sketching, painting, carving and teaching significantly enhances my awareness of all things that matter to me. I know my spirit and my spiritual experience are emboldened by these practices.

Why are you an artist? I come from a very creative, artistic family. My father was a musician, my grandmother a landscape painter, my aunts were successful authors. As a child my parents and extended family nourished my creativity and reminded me what a good artist I was. In school my art teachers were equally encouraging. Art has been and continues to be a primary focus and mainstay of my health and happiness.

Why is art important? The process of creating whether with pen, brush or chisel allows me to completely lose myself to the moment, to the process of creating. I lose track of time in a meditative state of being. I love to imagine something and then proceed to create it. Nothing is more rewarding. The process of creating for me is pure joy



Travel Journal Sketching