Dana Weir

Why are you an artist? Art is a vehicle for mystery... I find I am often overwhelmed with the magnificence of life - the beauty and the darkness, the creativity and the decay, the wilderness and the wasteland. Making art is a way of processing and responding to that feeling of overwhelm. I usually work in the medium of encaustic collage, which requires layering, fusing and a constant attention to the way fragments relate to the whole. I enjoy searching for unity among a collection of broken and forgotten things. For example: a tattered butterfly, transformed by the artisticprocess,  becomes a resurrected being, hovering over an old map of some place that no longer exists. Art is a vehicle for mystery.

Why is art important?  As a vehicle for mystery, art making is essential. The creative capacity is shared by all of us; employing that creativity, expressing an extraordinary, symbolic truth is an essential part of human experience. We all need practice and supportto build the skills necessary for communicating through the arts. This is why I am both a student and a teacher of visual art. I love the relationship-building that happens in the art studio; students and teacher courageously set out to awaken the imagination, study a craft, and create an artistic community. Ours is a journey of shared wisdom, self expression, and joy. There is nothing I would rather do!



Beginning Encaustic Collage


Playful Printmaking for Beginners (all-ages)