Has PTSA changed your life just a little bit… or a lot? We’d love to hear your story!

We know that art changes, and has the potential to save, lives. We know this from the research, our own experiences as artists, and from what we see in PTSA’s classrooms every day. But we need to hear it and share it from you. We are collecting stories of PTSA class and workshop participants to use in our marketing, promotion, and fundraising efforts. The best way we know to grow and sustain our programs is to spread the word about the difference they make in the lives of our students.

Would you take a few minutes to share how a PTSA class or workshop has inspired and motivated you as an artist, and changed you as an individual? No rules, just share your story in your own words.

We would love to see and share the work you have created in a PTSA class or workshop. Please send images as jpegs to info@ptarts.org

Please indicate in your message if you would like your name withheld. We will honor your privacy.

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