fine art salon faq

What can I sell?
We will accept original Art and limited edition prints in great condition, framed and ready to hang. We will also accept sculptures that are easily transportable. For security reasons and to keep your items safe, we cannot accept small items, such as, jewelry.

Where will this take place?
Artworks will be on display at PTSA, building 306. Available for purchase at a members only event on Friday, October 6th and during the public event on Saturday, October 7th.

How does it work?
You will price your own pieces and deliver to PTSA. PTSA will display the art during the event and take payments on-site. Think of it as a consignment sale.

How much does it cost to participate?
A minimum of 30% of the sale price will be donated to PTSA. You will receive the balance along with a Tax Donation letter for the amount you donate to PTSA within 3 weeks of the sale.

Can I donate the Artwork to PTSA?
PTSA will gladly accept the full sale price of the artwork. If the piece does not sell, it will revert back to the original owner.

Can you evaluate my piece?
We are unable to put a price on your art--that is your responsibility. However, the price must be more that $100 and the artwork must be in good condition. We reserve the right to refuse pieces that are damaged or deemed unacceptable.

I am an artist; may I bring in some of my own work?
We are providing a n opportunity to collectors to recirculate art that hasn't been available before and therefor request that artists do not bring in their own work. However, you can buy a table int he USO Building ant join in on the Art Flea Market.

When can I bring in the art?
Deliveries will be accepted at PTSA during the week of October 2nd. Exact dates and times TBA. Your paperwork will need to arrive sooner.

I have an interesting story that makes my piece special; may I share that?
The provenance of a piece makes it much more interesting and appealing to buyers. We encourage you to give as much information about the artwork as you can; where it was purchased, why did you choose it, did you know the artist? There will be a form to complete for each piece where you can add all of this information. The provenance will be displayed with the art. We will not be posting the owner's name.

What if my piece doesn't sell?
All unsold art will be the property of the original owner and available for pick up immediately following the event.

I have some pieces I'd like to sell, how do I sign up?
Email and we will send you the necessary forms. Complete on form for each piece that you wish to sell. Please include as much information about the piece as you can. We will advise on the delivery date of the pieces.