Rebecca Wild
Nature Inspired Art and Text
Supply List:

Students bring:

Several images or silhouettes of objects from the natural world.  Try to choose images that aren’t very complex such as leaves, fruit, birds, etc. We will cut simple stencils based on these shapes.  Bring images no bigger than 3” x 4”. (Coloring books can be good sources)

Nature inspired words.

4H, HB, 6B pencils (or any similar variety of graphite pencils)

A twin tip, black fine/ultra-fine Sharpie Marker. If you already own some black waterproof pens (test them) bring those instead if they are similar sizes to the Sharpie.

Tuff Stuff eraser or Pentel Click Eraser or similar (these are the white erasers that are housed in a retractable, tube shaped, plastic case) I prefer Tuff Stuff but they can be hard to find.

Staedtler Mars White Plastic eraser

Kneaded eraser

½ sheet of sandpaper 220 or finer.

A flat, water color or acrylic brush approximately 1” or bigger. Will be used with acrylic paint. Should be soft bristles. I like the Dick Blick Scholastic Wonder White Flat or Bright #20.  Serial #05380-1020.

Pointed brush size 2 or similar

Wiping rag for brushes or paper towels

Sharp x–acto knife #11 or similar with extra blades

Self-healing plastic cutting board any size

Roll of ¾” Scotch brand Magic Tape green label (make sure it is this brand and NOT blue label removeable)

Roll of 1” blue painters tape or Frog tape

Metal ruler with cork backing or a wooden ruler with a metal edge

Paper sack to use as a garbage can