Guided Open Painting Studio with Chris Witkowski

Guided Open Painting Studio with Chris Witkowski



This guided open painting studio is for dedicated artists of all levels* working in oils who wish to further their skills in a supportive environment with expert instruction available as needed.

The work of the artist is by its nature solitary. Yet sometimes we need the energy and focus of other likeminded creative folks to freshen up our vision and break through to the next level. This is not a traditional “class”. Each artist will work at their own pace and on their own subject matter. You are welcome to work from sketches, photographic reference material, or your own still life arrangement. If you are struggling with an older piece that may need a jump start or a fresh vantage point, bring it along. We’ve all known the intense frustration of not being able to fix something in a painting. And we’ve all had the magical experience of finally recognizing the change that can shift the direction of our work. With a lifetime of drawing and painting experience, Chris can help you find the solution to your artistic dilemmas.

*Competent drawing skills are strongly recommended. Please visit these links for Foundation Drawing Classes offered by PTSA:

Introduction to Drawing with Nonie Gaines

Beginning Figure Drawing with Kelly Drake


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