Calligraphy Club with Lindsey Wayland, Second Thursdays

Calligraphy Club with Lindsey Wayland, Second Thursdays



Have you let your calligraphy supplies collect dust and rust? Has it been many moons since your last calligraphy class and you've yet to find time to pick up your supplies? Have you been practicing alone at your desk and want a place to share your love of lettering? Have you wanted a time and place to go to hold yourself accountable for practicing your calligraphy? At long last, Calligraphy Club is here! This is a club welcome to any level intermediate calligrapher who already knows the basics—not for first time beginners.

Bring any and all calligraphic supplies you have—practice paper, nibs, pens, ink, and any questions and enthusiasm you have! Bring a project to work on or a letter to scribe. Bring supplies you inherited from your grandmother twenty years ago and aren't sure if they work. Lindsey Wayland is here to guide and answer questions and will graciously receive and celebrate all enthusiasm. She will have her Á la Carte Calligraphy Shoppe for your stock-up needs. 

The mission of Calligraphy Club is to encourage connection via the written word, to spark creativity, and to inspire a purposeful pace in a digital world by holding space for beautiful writing and educating the visual art of written word in an open, inviting art space. 

Join us the second Thursday of every month (except August!) through 2019, from 2-4. Sign up for all or one or be spontaneous and drop in! 

REMEMBER MEMBERS: You get ten percent off this class! Use your discount code at checkout. To join, CLICK HERE.

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