Using Lightroom to Manage, Improve & Share Your Photographs with Jeff Smith, May 8-June 5

Using Lightroom to Manage, Improve & Share Your Photographs with Jeff Smith, May 8-June 5



Have you taken a ton of photos with your phone or digital camera, lost track of them, wanted to make prints through a service or using your own photo printer? Come to my class and I will show you how to use Adobe Lightroom to gather all of your photos in one place, create a backup in the cloud so you never lose another photo, and then make adjustments using presets to make your photos as awesome as possible. You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Drive or a variety of online locations. Plus get ready to print your photos on your own printer or using a printing/framing service online!

Note the AFTER & BEFORE photographs shown here. This is just a taste of what you can accomplish using Lightroom!

Ideally, you will bring a laptop with a recent version of Lightroom already installed so you can organize your photos, improve them and then share them, getting the most possible out of the class. If you don't have Lightroom but have another application you prefer, you are welcome to use that software instead.

If you don't have a laptop,take notes and use the handouts and ask questions and I will work with you individually so you get the most out of the class.

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About Jeff: Photography is an incredible, creative experience. Capturing the image is a wonderful, thoughtful, introspective act, but subsequent management, developing, printing and archiving are also critical aspects of the photographer's workflow. I have approximately 60,000 slides and negatives and 245,000 digital images I am managing today. Having started as a sports photographer at age 16, I have photographed racing sailboats in Europe, mountain climbing and rock climbing in the United States, travel in North and South America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Europe and Asia. I have taken photography courses at the University of Oregon, University of Washington and Photo Center Northwest on Capitol Hill. In addition to publication in magazines in Europe and the US, I have sites at 500px, Instagram and my own portfolio site. I am currently working on a 360 project, where I take a meaningful project every day for a year.

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