Adventure Sketching with Maria Coryell-Martin, June 9 & 10

Adventure Sketching with Maria Coryell-Martin, June 9 & 10



Prepare for sketching on your summer adventures! With the beautiful landscape of Fort Worden as our inspiration, we will practice ink and watercolor sketching, including techniques for expressive skies,
textured mountains, and colorful flowers. All levels are welcome!

What to bring
If you already have watercolor sketching supplies you like, please bring them. If you are just getting started, my Art Toolkit includes all necessary supplies for field sketching with watercolor, with tube paints available separately. Learn more at: and receive a 10% discount with the code: PTSA
• Water bottle and lunch: we will take a midday break
• Clothing: warm layers and sun protection. We will spend the majority of our time outdoors.
• Sit pad or stool: small portable seat. If you prefer to stand, you may like a lightweight easel.
• Sketchbook: I recommend a minimum of 80lb for light watercolor/mixed-media use. I like Stillman and Birn Beta softcover sketchbooks, as well as Moleskine watercolor journals.
• Paper: For longer paintings, I like 140lb cold press Arches watercolor sheets available in sketchbooks or as loose sheets. If you work on loose sheets, please bring a lightweight board. I like attaching my paper
to 3/8” gatorboard with masking tape. I will have some 11” x 14” sheets available for $1/each.
• Waterproof pen: choose a fine tip such as Sharpie fine point or Pigma Micron 01.
• Brushes: Pentel or Niji water brushes, 1-3 in a variety of sizes are useful for quick sketches. I also like a few normal brushes, (quality over quantity), such as with a large flat (1” or 3/4”), a medium round (#8), and a small round (#3). Extra sizes are a larger round (#12), small flat (1/2”), and rigger.
• Watercolors: use high quality paints with at least a yellow, red, magenta, blue, cyan, and neutral brown. If you are starting out, I recommend the Daniel Smith Essential 6 watercolor set which includes Hansa Yellow Light, New Gamboge, Quinacridone Rose, Pyroll Red, French Ultramarine, and Phthalo Blue (GS).
Additional favorite colors of mine include Indanthrone Blue, Cerulean Blue Chromium, Deep Scarlet, Quinacridone Gold, Lunar Earth, and Sepia.
• Portable Palette: If you are starting out, choose a compact folding palette with mixing surface. I use the Pocket Palette for small sketches and a larger folding palette for more involved studies.
• Other items: Water container, paper towels, H pencil, sharpener, gum eraser, plastic eraser, 2x binder clips, spray bottle, and optional sponge and old toothbrush.

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