Make It & Take It! Inspiration and Expression in Batik with Melissa Bixby, May 31

Make It & Take It! Inspiration and Expression in Batik with Melissa Bixby, May 31


FRIDAY, MAY 31, 6-9 PM

We will gather together over wine and snacks to create a batik of our own design! Draw inspiration from your favorite picture, animal, landscape, etc. to trace or freehand a line drawing that you will then bring to life through VIBRANT fabric dyes. Your images will be realized in wax and the personal touch will come through the combination of colors via batik dye applied with a paintbrush. You will learn the basics of that ancient art of batik and walk away with a wall hanging to display in your home. All levels welcome, just show up with your favorite quote in mind! 

Price includes all materials, 2 complimentary glasses of wine or non-alcoholic beverages and a tasty treat from Fort Worden's newest eatery, TAPS at the Guardhouse. Beginners are welcome!

ABOUT MELISSA: I have a Masters of Fine Arts and have been producing batik for over 10 years. I also am a firm believer in creative expression being ESSENTIAL to overall health and mental well being. I love this medium because it accessible to ANY level of artistic ability. After graduating with my MFA from the University of Idaho I continued producing art out of my garage and focused mainly on batik with a sea life theme. I have grown so much throughout my years of teaching and I am inspired by seeing people open up their lives through new experiences and expressing themselves creatively. Keeping things SIMPLE and straight forward is just how I do things. If you can't explain something simply you don't truly understand it! I want people to walk away with a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

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