Altered Books with Mary O'Shaughnessy, June 1 & 2

Altered Books with Mary O'Shaughnessy, June 1 & 2



Altered Books… or I Think I Can Make It Better!

Have you ever seen a book that has a great name, and/or wonderful cover graphics, and thought, “This book needs to be more?” Here’s a chance to work on that! This class is a two day workshop where we will take books and embellish them, by sewing, painting, collaging, carving, gluing, adding elements and making poetry from the words. We will look at the books that you will bring, and discuss how to make them into your own personal story. I will have books available if you can’t find one, so don’t worry. Then we will dive in and start the creative process, each one will be its own unique expression. If you need inspiration, visit the Sherry Grover Gallery at BIMA (Bainbridge Island Museum of Art) and see a myriad of techniques that we can apply to your book. I will bring ample supplies to use, and will send a list of suggestions of what to bring that are your more personal inclusions.

MATERIALS FEE: $15, cash or check payable to Mary O’Shaughnessy at the start of the workshop.

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