Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a class already in session?

Most teachers are happy to have students join the class. Call or email us to ask about a specific class.

I didn't get my member discount at checkout. What happened?

To collect your ten percent discount, you must enter the code we supply you at checkout. (We've looked and unfortunately it's the only way to do it on the web platform we use.)  If you want to join and enroll in classes, you must FIRST select the membership and checkout . You will automatically be emailed the code, which you can then use to collect your discount on a class. Memberships are good for one year.

What about supplies?

Teachers will either provide the necessary supplies, sometimes for an extra materials fee, or list the needed supplies in the class description. They often bring extra stuff. Olympia Art and Office offers a ten percent discount on supplies to PTSA students.

Are you running the kids' Art Camps this year?

Yes, we have nine one-week camps, each with a different theme, that run from 10–12, Monday through Friday, starting June 19. All are taught by our artist faculty.

Do you have any drop-in classes?

Yes. Our Figure Drawing sessions on the second and fourth Friday of the month are open to drop-ins, provided there is still space available. Often, we have openings in our other programs at the last minute, especially our Friday night classes: TGIF at PTSA. Since we serve food, wine, and other beverages, though, we need to know in advance to turn in the order at TAPS, the pub that caters them. Some of our other classes are also available at the last minute—if it's available on the web site, you can still enroll. Or call us.

Can I talk to the teacher about a class before enrolling?

We have an Open House five times a year, a great opportunity to meet teachers and talk about a class. Many teachers also put their emails at the end of the class description and are happy to answer your questions.

Where are the classes held?

Unless otherwise stated, classes are held at Building 306 in Fort Worden State Park. The building is a bit hidden, behind the Maintenance Building, 305. When you enter the park, go past the first stop sign and take the first available left. Follow the road around to the back of the big Maintenance Building to 306. Our sign is on the side of the building.

What if the class I want is sold out?

Please put your name on the waiting list and we will alert you as soon as anyone drops out.

How do I sign up more than one person at a time?

Unfortunately, our web site can't handle that. And we need class registrations forms for each person. You must go through checkout for each person enrolling. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Do you offer scholarships?

We are pleased to extend scholarships to young people who are enrolled in a school lunch program, on a first-come, first serve basis. One scholarship per term per student is offered, and students who have never taken a class are considered first.

Oops. I missed the cutoff date for your sale. Can I still get the sale price?

Yes—if you are or become a member of PTSA. Members get an additional ten percent off the sale price.

I can't attend a class I purchased or changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

We will happily apply your full payment towards another class anytime, now or in the future. If you prefer a cash refund, we will also return your fee, less a ten percent processing fee. Ten days before a class starts, if we don't have another student on the waiting list, we charge a fee of twenty percent.

Turns out, the class I enrolled in isn't for me. What can I do?

If at all possible, we will transfer you to another class. If you had a bad experience in a class, we will refund your tuition. And because we want to continually improve, we always want to hear about your experience of a class, including complaints. Teachers pass out evaluation forms, we do some online surveys, and you can always call or write us as well.

My class was cancelled, what happens now?

If we have to cancel a class or reschedule, you will have the opportunity to transfer to another class, wait until the class is rescheduled or receive a full refund. 

Do you offer any discounts for local residents?

Not at this time. However, we do offer some free events during the year for our fellow community members.

Do you do safety background checks on your teachers?

Yes. We run a routine police background check, as well as check references on all our instructors.

I'm coming from out of town. Can I stay at Fort Worden?

Yes, if space is available. Please check availability at the Fort Worden web site or call the front desk: (360)344-4400.

My company or organization is coming to the area. Can you tailor a team-building art class for us?

Yes! We'd be delighted to design a great arts experience for your group, especially if you are staying at Fort Worden (which also offers food service). Please call or email us to discuss it.

What else is going on at Fort Worden?

Our many partners include the woodworking school, Centrum (music and arts programming), the marine science center, and a yoga & dance center. There are also a cafe, pub, and outdoor games available. Check the Fort Worden web site for details.