Donna Thomas/Palette Knife Intensive

Oil palette:
I want you to use the colors you like to use.
You may want to bring a warm and cool of each primary: larger tubes Cadmium Red Medium/Alizarin Crimson Cobalt Blue Hue/Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Yellow Medium/Raw Umber White (soft mixable).

Variety of palette knives:
Your palette knives should be trowel like with a 45-degree angle. This shape gives you the most flexibility with the knife and makes the application easier. Straight knives with no angle are very difficult to use to make large swaths of color patches.

Larger painting surface (canvas or panel) – 16 x 16 or larger, up to 30 x 30

1 to 3 oil paint brushes, for sketching

Large disposable or rigid palette (hint! Plexiglas 18 x 24 from Home Depot or Lowe’s works great)

GAMSOL Odorless Mineral Spirits

Photo or still life references

Box of Kleenex

Some source for gathering supplies:

Places to buy supplies: look ahead for special sales

Daniel Smith

Jerry’s Artarama need to plan for shipping that may take 2 weeks


Olympic Art and Office Port Townsend, WA (offers PTSA students a 10% discount)

Quimper Mercantile, Port Townsend, WA