You make the difference

Your secure donation can send a child to art camp, buy supplies and equipment and ensure that PTSA is on a strong financial footing for the future.

  • $50 enables one child to attend one day of a weeklong Summer Art Camp
  • $100 pays for two full days of Summer Art Camp
  • $250 enables for one child to attend a full week of our Summer Art Camp
  • $500 enables two children to attend a full week of Summer Art Camp

Your tax-deductible contribution will also support the growth, creativity and energy of our new school.

If you prefer to contribute monthly. (That's how our board members make their donations.) This option will be available to you on the donation page.

Thank you from all of us!

Become a PTSA Founder!

Our Founders are early and exceptional supporters who are critical to PTSA's future growth and development. Founders will be permanently recognized for their contributions in the school and publicly at the following levels: Platinum: $10,000  Gold: $5,000  Silver: $2,500 and Bronze: $1,000  For more information about how you can become a Founder, please email our Board President, Kerry Tremain: or call (360)344-4479. 


I want to join the founders of ptsa

For your tax records, click here to view a copy of our tax exemption letter from the IRS with our federal Employer identification number.