Color Theory with Kim Kopp

Water Based Paint:
Watercolor, acrylic, or tempera 6 basic colors + black and white. Required and very specific. We will be using a double primary color wheel. These colors must be pure and single pigmented - NOT blends (nor with the word HUE after the color name, i.e.: cerulean blue HUE - this will most likely have green or yellow pigment added to the blue)
Cadmium Red (pr 108) - warm red
AlizarinCrimson - cool red OR Quinacridone Red (pr 19) OR Naphthol Red ( pr 5)
Cadmium Yellow medium (py 35) warm yellow
Lemon Yellow (py 3) - cool yellow OR Hansa Yellow light (py 3)
Ultramarine Blue (pb 29) - cool blue
Cerulean Blue (pb 35) - warm blue

Brushes: 4 or more -participants choice or some suitable brushes will be available

Paper: Approx 8 x 10 inches, about 5 or 6 sheets. Paper should be any stiff WHITE (not buff or off white) smooth paper and can be loose sheets, or in sketch book form, or 3 ring binder.
Paper such as: Rives BFK or Stonehenge or Hot Press Watercolor 90 to 140 lb

Misc: Instructor/PTSA will provide containers for water, small mixing pallets, and small containers. Instructor will also have a 3 hole punch on hand.

Participants are welcome to bring their own favorite tools.

Questions? Feel free to email instructor Kim Kopp at