YOUTH: Recycled Art Journaling with Shelly Sazama, October 27

YOUTH: Recycled Art Journaling with Shelly Sazama, October 27



Do you love making art? Do you find art supplies expensive? This is a fun class teaching you to use and reuse in a very creative way! There are so many great art materials and tools right there in your recycle bin -- for free! 

We will be using a variety of materials to create pages and bind your one of a kind journal. Then, we will start to fill your journal by looking at recyclables in a new way by creating stencils, stamps, mono printing plates and so much more. A variety of mediums will be used on your pages, including acrylic paints, inks, watercolors, and oil pastels.

At the end of class, you will have made a very unique journal and will have started to fill it with your own awesome style. We will talk about ways to create an ‘on the go’ art kit to have with you. The techniques we learn will inspire you to continue creating and filling your journal.

Required Supplies: Bring paper from your recycle bin! Examples include mail flyers, brochures, ads, newsprint, file folders, window envelopes from bills, and school papers. The art supplies we will be using to create and start to work in your journal will provided for you.


Shelly Sazama is an everyday maker and learner. She loves creativity and constantly challenges herself to better her artistic practice. She loves making journals, mixed media, watercolors, collage, hand stitching, quilting, leather works, metal works, indigo dying, gardening, cooking, photography and whatever is next. Shelly brings her warmth and enthusiasm to her teaching. A wife and mom living in Seattle, she prefers her life to be sprinkled with art, sunshine, beaches and laughter. “Art and creativity is part of my everyday life. It is my joy and my release. Sharing my creativity is one of my greatest pleasures.” – Shelly Sazama


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