Write a Beautiful Love Letter with Lindsey Wayland, January 26

Write a Beautiful Love Letter with Lindsey Wayland, January 26



A letter is the most generous gift you can give, and a love letter the most generous way you can express your love. 

Come together with your beloved and write a beautiful love letter. This an artistic exploration date night! There is nothing more beautiful than loving your mate. Write a beautiful love letter to your partner and begin the practice that changes your relationship. Love letters are an investment in relationships. Here is a unique opportunity to work with poet calligrapher Lindsey Wayland and deepen your relationship, she will guide you through the process of accessing your personal style in expressing yourself via your letters.

Expect to explore love in the ancient ways, read some of the most revered love letters of history, and use beautiful supplies to create a beautiful personalized love letter. Join us if you're willing to dive deep into the way you love and the way you want to be loved. Come as a couple, come as a person willing to refresh yourself in love (writing a love letter to yourself is also one of the most valuable ways to explore love and being loved!). This would be a wonderful holiday gift to give to a couple you love. Join us to study and develop deep love letters! 

“I was immediately drawn to her art and words by her vibrant presence. Her style of calligraphy was the artistic and spiritual practice I had been searching for.”

— Joanne Clarkson

“I love Lindsey’s style of teaching, her soft and caring demeanor, her way of encouraging and empowering and the effort she puts forth in making each class unique and special. She even made it seem like a warm social event” -Dr. Dolores Jacoby

Supplies fee: $20 per couple, $10 for one person, Cash or check made payable to Lindsey Wayland


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