Write A Beautiful Letter with Lindsey Wayland, October 4-November 1

Write A Beautiful Letter with Lindsey Wayland, October 4-November 1



A letter is one of the most generous things you can give someone. The gift of a letter gives the recipient a moment to pause and exist within the space and connection between letter-writer and recipient.

The class will focus on writing a beautiful letter. We will: hand-make envelopes from everyday supplies; artfully address an envelope with calligraphic typography; focus on raw, beautiful materials; learn the art of storytelling in letter-writing; read ancient letters for inspiration; unleash authentic language in letters; discover how to extract inspiration for artists and writers in the after-thought of letter-writing; implement systems to find time to write letters in today’s busy world. 

Each student will leave with very beautiful supplies, but more importantly, students will leave with a refreshed or new deeply-felt sense of connection. No prerequisites, all levels are welcome. At its core, this class is about connection.

The student is welcome to bring old maps, any old or new paper supplies they would like to incorporate into their beautiful letters. I will provide an information packet, calligraphy ink and nib and a wooden pen holder, an envelope template, beautiful paper and envelopes, practice paper, blank letter-writing stationary.

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Materials fee: $20, payable to the instructor on the first day of class. 

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