Write a Beautiful Gratitude Letter with Lindsey Wayland, November 14

Write a Beautiful Gratitude Letter with Lindsey Wayland, November 14



Gratitude Consultation for creative businesses and nonprofit organizations to connect more deeply to their clients and donors via Gratitude Presentation.

A letter is the most generous gift you can give. Within the gift of a letter is a moment to pause and exist within the space and connection between letter-writer and recipient. This pause and reflection helps donors and clients connect more deeply with the organization they support.

A hand-calligraphed, handwritten thank you card to brings with it a strong undercurrent of gratitude. Handwriting in a business aesthetic is warm and generous.

The class will focus on writing beautiful, artful thank you letters. We will: discuss the art of storytelling; discuss calligraphy to enhance the envelope and overall experience of the recipient; focus on raw, beautiful materials to create one-of-a-kind stationery that reflects the authenticity of each student’s creative business or nonprofit organization; unleash articulate, bona fide language in letters; implement systems to find time to write letters of gratitude in today’s busy world, and why a letter is much, much more important than an email for true connection.

This class is for you if: you have a creative business and you want to connect more deeply with your clients and customers; you have a nonprofit organization and you want to connect more deeply with your donors; you know thanking your clients and donors is important but you’re not exactly sure what to say or how to say it; you can’t seem to find the time to dedicate to this practice, even though your intentions are in the right place; you send your grant report and think about having more time to write a deeper thank you letter; you often scrawl thank you cards way past their window and feel bad you didn’t send them sooner (late IS better than never, though, and this is huge! Good work! Now you’re ready for the next level of gratitude).


Each student will leave with very beautiful supplies (listed in full below), but more importantly, students will leave with a refreshed or new deeply-felt sense of how gratitude can deepen relationships and connection to clients and donors and create a stronger, thriving community around you. No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.

Students will leave with an information packet, and blank letter-writing stationary, beautiful paper, envelopes and stamps. Supplies fee $20, payable directly to Lindsey at the start of the workshop (Cash or Check).

At its core, this class is about connection.

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