What Next: Deepening Your Direction with Meg Kaczyk, February 20-21

What Next: Deepening Your Direction with Meg Kaczyk, February 20-21



2-day workshop intensive with group time + independent study.  6 students maximum

In this workshop, instructor Meg Kaczyk guides students in looking at their work holistically to identify influences, inspiration, content, passion and curiosity as elements to lead them on in their personal artistic journey. Previous students of Meg’s classes (Ways to Inspiration, Make It Abstract, and Paint a Poem) can use this class to deepen the path begun in those classes. New students are welcome too. The class format includes 2 days: 2 hours each day of group classroom time, time for meeting individually each day and time assigned outside the classroom for independent work.

On day 1, students will share work samples and engage in a guided group discussion about mediums, influences, narrative and passion. As a form of inquiry, homework will be assigned to each student that furthers their specific direction.

 On day 2, students share the results of their inquiry homework, and each will be assigned a project or direction that explores aspects of personal style, story, mediums, etc. that surfaced during their assignment. Instruction will be given on defining a path forward. As a follow up, each student will receive a written summary of observations and guidance.

 Prior to the workshop, Meg will communicate with each student about what to bring and how to prepare for this very individualized approach.


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