Ways to Inspiration with Meg Kaczyk, February 6-March 13

Ways to Inspiration with Meg Kaczyk, February 6-March 13



How do you go from inspiration to art? In this class, you will work from source material in three different ways, to arrive at art that is utterly your own. 

First, working from photographs, you will explore making art original. You’ll play with composition, emphasis, color and contrast. Big, loose, fun and fast is how you will approach this part of the adventure. Then you’ll take an unfettered look at still life and textile patterns, and create from the rich mix of color and form. Getting your mind out of the way, your hands will be the conduit for your own way of seeing. The third method unleashes your artistic freedom by working iteratively from sketches. This iterative process loosens the hold of realism, with each version a fresh interpretation of the previous piece.

Ways to Inspiration is your springboard of inspiration, empowering you to make wholly original art.

Drawing experience helpful but not required.

All materials provided. Materials fee of $15 to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class. 


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