Watercolor Portraits: A Different Approach with Molly Murrah, October 6 & 7

Watercolor Portraits: A Different Approach with Molly Murrah, October 6 & 7



Painting portraits can be challenging — many accomplished artists never even attempt them — but portraits can be great fun and very rewarding. In this workshop we will paint our subjects using a different approach, one that combines the application of transparent and more opaque watercolor pigments to create vibrant, engaging portraits.

We will first discuss how to determine the best composition, and how to take risks with subjects that add excitement to the work. I will then teach an easy but very effective technique for transferring reference images accurately to paper… one does not have to be great at drawing to paint a great portrait!

To begin their portraits, students will lay in an underpainting with colorful, transparent pigments, then add more opaque pigments as they deepen values, finally finishing their work with accent colors that bring their subjects to life.

My goal is to help students lose the anxiety often associated with painting portraits and learn to have fun instead. A class supplies list will be provided, as well as helpful handouts and reference images to work from.



MATERIALS FEE: $10, made payable to Molly Murrah on the first day of the workshop.


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I am enjoying your instruction very much. As one who evaluates teachers and instructors professionally, I would like to compliment you on your teaching style. Your instructions are clear and thorough, and your presentation is easily accessible to a variety of learning styles. Thanks so much for providing this class. — Ardoth R.

Molly, I didn't want to interrupt you while you were with students yesterday to say goodbye, but I want you to know that I really enjoyed this workshop! I learned so much and came away with a new confidence and excitement for portrait painting! I love that you taught us the drawing techniques too. That helps a lot. — Janet C.

You really are a gifted teacher Molly. I can't think of anything that would have made the class any better, it was great! — Terri M.

It is great to get to know you, Molly – you are the best teacher! I love how you give positive encouragement to everyone, but also honest feedback on how to improve. I don’t remember how I found your website and class info, but so glad I did! — Diane R.

Rarely have I had so much fun and learned so much at the same time, so thank you, Molly, for setting the tone and sharing your vast knowledge. It’s been great getting to know everyone… Friday was my favorite day of the week for two months. Looking forward to connecting again! — Michelle C.

Wow we really did nice work! Congratulations all and yes, Molly, you definitely have a gift for teaching because look what we could do! — Monica H.

I failed to say thank you for a wonderful, well planned class. I feel your love for art is very contagious. This lovely gift is most appreciated and will be used as a constant source for further advancement. — Cynthia R.

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