Visual Storytelling: Photography with Ginny Banks, January 11-February 8

Visual Storytelling: Photography with Ginny Banks, January 11-February 8



Photographs have the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages — all of which are important elements in storytelling. Stories don’t necessarily have to be photojournalistic or documentary in nature, although they can be. For instance, you may use your artistic license to create a photo story based on the stanzas of a poem, a dream or sequences that are in random collage-like order as well as composites.  Of course, “typical” stories, which utilize a beginning, middle and end, are acceptable as well.

In class, there will be guided exercises designed to explore this rich topic. Many examples will be given in a step-by-step process. Students will need to print photos for sharing and discussion each week. Beginners are welcome!

“It is curious that I always want to group things, a series of Sonnets, a series of photographs; whatever rationalizations appear, they originate in urges that are rarely satisfied with single images.” — Minor White

“I use photography to help me explain my experiences to myself.” — Duane Michals


Digital camera/phone camera, three-ring binder for handouts.

Photo credits: Carrie Mae Weems, The Kitchen Table Series.

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