Write a Beautiful Holiday Letter with Lindsey Wayland, December 6

Write a Beautiful Holiday Letter with Lindsey Wayland, December 6



A letter is the most generous gift you can give. Within the gift of a letter is a moment to pause and exist within the space and connection between letter-writer and recipient.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to slow down and connect. In class, we will develop systems for writing letters, create our own personalized holiday stationery sets, choose from a wide variety of vintage stamps for our holiday letters and spend time together writing letters to those dear to us. Each student will leave with very beautiful stationery supplies, and systems for writing more beautiful letters this holiday season, and more importantly, students will leave with a refreshed or new deeply-felt sense of connection. No prerequisites, all levels are welcome. At its core, this class is about connection.

The student is welcome to bring old maps, sheet music, any old or new paper supplies they would like to turn into envelopes. Please bring thin cardboard or thick paper to make envelope templates.

Supplies fee: $15, cash or check made payable to Lindsey Wayland at the start of class.


“I love Lindsey’s style of teaching, her soft and caring demeanor, her way of encouraging and empowering and the effort she puts forth in making each class unique and special.” -Dr. Dolores Jacoby

"Oh, the art of calligraphy is like painting a beautiful sunset in words. Lindsey brings out the beauty in this ancient art form with passion, grace and skill. In times of constant rushing and digital typing, her class is an oasis of mindfulness and practice. I enjoyed every minute of her company and her teachings." -Thais Oliveira

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