Tin Working for Beginners with Loran Scruggs, April 29–30

Tin Working for Beginners with Loran Scruggs, April 29–30


SAT/SUN, APRIL 29–30, 10AM–4PM

Explore the fine art of working with tin cans and bottle caps to make unique and one of a kind art!  Students will learn the basic elements of tin plaques pattern layout and transfer, creating depth with more wood. 3-dimensional pattern making and the structures of flowers and jewels using bottle caps. Demonstrations are followed by hands on practice. All skill levels are welcome!

Much of Loran's work can be seen around town - take a visit to the Pourhouse or the PT Gallery, downtown to check out her style.  The class is not at all traditional, which makes it so much fun. You'll find students sitting on the floor to bash out some tin and be mesmerized by the wide array of tools Loran makes available.

Student Supply List - please bring the following supplies to class:

What to wear: Wear loose fitting work clothing and sturdy work shoes (“work” implies you are not too concerned if they get mussed up).

What to bring: A mug - there will be hot water and tea, 2 towels to help with noise, leather gloves or cut resistant gloves, eye protection glasses, ear plugs, metal shears, wire cutters (snips), ball peen hammer, needle nose pliers, nail punch, awl, tin cans with painted lettering or images that you like, found objects, ideas and images for project.

Materials Fee: $15

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