Seeing Blue: Cyanotype Printing Process for Beginners with Katey Rissi, April 11

Seeing Blue: Cyanotype Printing Process for Beginners with Katey Rissi, April 11



In this class, students will learn the cyanotype printing process, a non-silver alternative photography/printing technique originally developed to create blueprints. Cyanotype printing is a simple but relatively obscure process that allows for lots of experimentation, and can be layered with other types of printmaking and photography processes to create intricate, dynamic images. We will explore the history of the process, from its origins as a way to print technical material, to its use to document the natural world, and its transition into an art technique. We'll play with the different substrates that can be printed on (almost anything porous!), and create our own prints. We will learn about the different ways to make negatives, as well as contact printing with objects. 

Students will leave this workshop with prints to keep, as well as a zine explaining the steps in detail so they can make more at home.

This class is open to participants 13 years and older.

All materials provided.

SUPPLIES FEE: $30, cash or check, made payable to Katey Rissi at the start of the workshop.


I am an artist, educator, and medicine maker. I am entwined with the rhythms of the ecosystem around me, my relationship with plants, the place I live, and the people I cultivate community with. My work is centered around these relationships. I consider myself a process artist. Mediums I work with include printmaking, illustration, collage, natural sculpture, textiles, and photography. I teach to explore the ways creative expression can manifest, and so I can create space for people to access it. I teach and develop arts and ecology curriculum for children, creative retreats for adults, and art workshops for everyone.

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