Sacred Geometry: The Tools of Universal Design with Sam Allison, February 16 & 17

Sacred Geometry: The Tools of Universal Design with Sam Allison, February 16 & 17



Explore the ancient tradition of geometry in this design-oriented drawing class with local artist Samuel Allison. With the classical tools of compass and straightedge, we’ll rediscover the fundamental shapes and patterns that underlie everything in nature. Following the preliminary steps taken by the masters of Islamic architecture, Celtic illuminated manuscripts, and Buddhist mandala painting, we will awaken our intuitive sense of design.

The class is geared for both beginners and adept drawers. Topics include the Flower of Life pattern, the Fibonacci spiral, and the Platonic solids. Using colored pencil, ink and watercolor, we will bring finished compositions to life. Students will gain the skills to incorporate pure geometry into any artistic endeavor.


  • 11x14 or larger sketching journal or drawing pad

  • Drafting compass with extra leads

  • Drafting straight edge or ruler

  • Protractor

  • Pencil, pen, eraser

  • Optional: colored pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pens

About Sam:

Samuel is an artist & woodworker who’s been studying the ancient tradition of geometry for the better part of a decade. He plays with fractals, tessellations, spirals, and “impossible geometries” in his drawing, painting, and furniture design. Check out his website here:

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