Paint from Poems: Reverse Ekphrastic with Meg Kaczyk, February 23 & 24

Paint from Poems: Reverse Ekphrastic with Meg Kaczyk, February 23 & 24



Ekphrastic creation is when a poet is inspired by a piece of art, and writes poetry that leaps off from that inspiration, becoming a new form on its own. In this weekend session, we will turn the ekphrastic process around. You will listen, read and absorb poems and then respond with visual creation. Poems will be provided from many sources including well-known writers such as Wallace Stevens, David Whyte, Lisel Mueller, Mary Oliver, William Stafford, and Billy Collins as well as regional and other contemporary poets. You will explore different modes and mediums of expression including typographic, narrative, symbolic and non-representational ways to convey the feeling and the tone of the poems. Your art will honor the mystery of the poet’s magic. Previous art experience helpful but not required.

Meg Kaczyk was trained as an illustrator and worked as a designer and creative director in commercial art for many years, where imagery's role was to support the written word. Mapping fine art to words is a natural extension of this training. She also loves poetry, and has collaborated with writers in the Port Townsend area, creating paintings and sketches inspired by their poetry.


Materials fee of $15 to be paid directly to instructor on the first day of workshop.

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