Play With Paint with Max Grover, January 8–February 5

Play With Paint with Max Grover, January 8–February 5



This class will explore elements and techniques of acrylic painting through a variety of exercises and projects. Students will learn composition, color theory, and use imagination to create a body of work over the duration of the class. All skill levels are welcome!  Max is a very generous teacher, guiding the student to explore different elements and techniques.  His classes sell out quickly so don't delay!



3 brushes - small, medium and large, yogurt container to use as a water dish, roll of paper towels, palette for your paints (plastic containers that have lids for holding paints and to keep them from drying out), small spray bottle for keeping paints moist, and 6 - 10 tubes of acrylic paint (yellow, blue, red, black, Titanium White and Raw Sienna, and any other selections with other colors you enjoy).

If you are a first-time painter, you don’t need to purchase a lot of painting supplies to get started. The more you paint, the more you will want to supplement with different colors! Brushes are made in many shapes (round, flat, beveled) and can be chosen by your preference, I personally paint with round brushes. You’ll need at least 3 brushes of different sizes for this class. Low numbered brushes are small and higher numbered brushes are larger. Try to have a small, medium and larger sized brush assortment.

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Faculty portrait by Chuck Moses ©2017

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