Photographic Multiples with Ginny Banks, November 8-December 6

Photographic Multiples with Ginny Banks, November 8-December 6



NOTE: No class November 22 (Thanksgiving Day)

Imagine the potential of arranging your photographs together and seeing possible relationships through color, line, mood and subject matter. This workshop will explore the art and intuitive nature of creating photographic multiples such as two images together (diptychs), three images (triptychs), and even four images (quadryptchs) or more. We will be inspired by the work of photographers/artists who have used the idea of more than one image in their creations, such as Sandi Haber Fifield and David Hockney.

The class will allow for photographic collage (by hand or in the computer) and composites, as well as photos that exist side by side. Sequences such as telling a story will also be explored. Writing poems or adding a narrative will be encouraged but not required. We will view examples of photographers who use these techniques. Students willreceive photos printed for discussion and sharing. Beginners are welcome!

"My work is born of collisions and alignments. I gather images from experiences exceptional and mundane, intentional and spontaneous.”— Sandi Haber Fifield

Supplies: Digital camera/phone camera, three-ring binder for handouts.

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Photo credit: Sandi Haber Fifield

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