Painting with Gouache (Opaque Watercolor) with Kelly Drake, May 1-29

Painting with Gouache (Opaque Watercolor) with Kelly Drake, May 1-29



Why learn to paint with gouache (pronounced GWASH)? 

Well, compared with watercolor, gouache gives you a much greater ability to cover up mistakes. Gouache has a higher pigment content and is made up of larger pigment particles, which results in incredibly vibrant, rich color. It’s also very effective a covering large areas with flat color, so it’s a fantastic medium for abstract pieces. What’s more, you can paint on toned (even black!) paper, which doesn’t really work with traditional watercolor. And gouache dries to such a distinct flat matte finish…a look that’s difficult to get from another paint.

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Learn to paint with gouache and follow in the footsteps of artists such as Edward Hopper, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee and Georges Rouault. While many oil painters have used gouache as a quick-drying medium for studies, artists have also used it for finished pieces (see Park near Lu, 1938, by Paul Klee or Lombard’s House, 1931, by Edward Hopper.)

Join us May 1st and learn to paint with gouache! In this class, you’ll learn all about how to use gouache, from what support to paint on, which brushes to use, how much water to add (along with other additives such as gum arabic), various ways of using color, and when to (and when not to) use a varnish. Come to class ready to have lots of fun, and to learn something new!

Student Supply List

  • A set of gouache paints, such as Winsor & Newton, Holbein or Da Vinci Artist’s Gouache, set of 12-5ml tubes (can get more colors or bigger tubes if you want)
  • An assortment of soft watercolor brushes (a wash brush, at least one medium-sized round brush, and a fine tip brush for details. You could also add a medium and small flat brush for straight edges)
  • Gum Arabic (one bottle)
  • Matte or Gloss Finish Spray (Varnish)
  • Plastic Palette (big enough to hold all of your colors, and has some wells for mixing)
  • Drawing Board or Piece of Gatorboard, at least 15x20
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Sketching pencil
  • One 9x12 or 11x15 Watercolor paper pad for experimenting, sketching 
  • 4 pieces of 15x20 Crescent Watercolor Board (2 cold press, 2 hot press) for final paintings

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Note from Kelly: If you already own any or all of these supplies, please bring them. No need to double up on supplies!  If you have any questions about the class or the supply list, please email Kelly at


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