Narrative Ideas & Practice Part Two with Ginny Banks, May 7-June 4

Narrative Ideas & Practice Part Two with Ginny Banks, May 7-June 4



Have you ever felt that you want to tell a story with your photographs? Have you ever desired to make a body of work around a central theme? This class is for you. The definition of narrate is: 1. to give an account or tell a story (events, experiences, etc.) 2. to add a written or spoken commentary. Narrative or storytelling has been around for thousands of years as a means of communication. Only recently have we combined narrative (storytelling) with photographs. Visual stories in conjunction with written words are quite powerful. For this class, we will explore the many varied ways to tell a visual story. For someone developing a visual story, the most important thing to ask is “What is the story you really want to tell? “We need a return to a storytelling in photography as rigorous in thought and research as it is beautiful in construction and execution.”—Stuart Freedman This class is a continuation of Narrative Ideas and Practice Part One. It will build upon what we have already learned in that class. However, you do not have to have taken Part One in order for you to participate and enjoy this class. Beginners are welcome!


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