Multimedia H2O with Kelly Drake, October 18-November 8

Multimedia H2O with Kelly Drake, October 18-November 8



It's time to break out all the watercolor tools--paint, pencils, crayons, ink, even water-soluble graphite! There are so many options to mix and match watercolor media, plus they're portable, versatile and safe to use. In this class, you will learn basic watercolor techniques and tricks. Then, you'll let loose with layers upon layers of luscious color, texture and pattern. Students will be encouraged to discover their own unique effects and style. There's no limit to what you can create. 

Everyone is welcome! This is a class for anyone with an interest in watercolor media, whether you're a beginner or experienced.



This class uses a variety of water media. The brands and sizes shown below will give you a taste of many different things without costing a fortune. If you have a favorite brand, or if you already own any or all of these supplies, feel free to bring those instead. If there is another type of water media not listed here (i.e. water-based markers) that you would like to use, please bring these in, too! If you have any questions about the class or the supply list, please email Kelly at

COTMAN Watercolors/6 Tube Set (or you could get the 10-tube set that comes with its own palette)
Rectangular Plastic Palette/8.75X11.75
DERWENT Watercolor Pencils/Set of 12
Strathmore Watercolor Paper Pad/9X12 140LB (or larger pad if you wish)
Simply Simmons Short Handle Flat 1-in. Watercolor Wash Brush
Simply Simmons Short Handle Watercolor Round Brush/size 1
Simply Simmons Short Handle Watercolor Round Brush/size 14
Dr. Martins Hydrus Ink 1OZ (get one or two colors to try…just pick your favorite)
General’s Sketch & Wash Water Soluble Graphite Pencil
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Masking Fluid
FABER Watercolor 15 Crayons with brush
Also, please bring a drawing board and blue masking tape .
One white crayon, and a pencil or two for sketching.

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