Maritime Sketching with Rick Myers, September 28-29

Maritime Sketching with Rick Myers, September 28-29



What better place to capture the maritime spirit in image than Port Townsend, this special seaport and arts community. Join Rick Myers and learn to draw maritime scenes including boats, workers, and tools.

In this class, you will learn the use of perspective, line, and shape to inform your drawings when working from observation. We will work from a drawing system that will help us create a picture with depth, and accurate representation of forms within the space. We will create drawings from still life, pictures, and in person, either at the boat yard or Northwest Maritime Center, depending on availability of space and weather.

Absolute beginners welcome, as are those who have experience and want to better understand how to use perspective to enhance their drawing skills. Our focus will be to take whatever skill you have and give you more tools to use.

Each drawing we do will help you understand a key element about drawing and how to convey the complexity of a maritime environment. As an artist, I believe that anyone can create beautiful representational works of art with the right understanding of their tools, a simple drawing system, and a whole bunch of practice. This workshop will give you the opportunity to develop each one of these areas.


There is one constant in my life and that is change. Meeting new people, moving, learning, and traveling is life’s adventure to me. I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. I spent hours drawing dragons, comic characters, and so much other fantastic stuff. Art has always been in my life and recently it has become the focus. My wife and I recently took 2 years off to travel. Then we moved to Port Townsend in 2016 and I attended The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. The traveling and school made me realize how much of my life is informed by what I create. Drawing is my kinesthetic approach to learning about the world around me. With the inspiration of the trades in Port Townsend my art has taken on a Maritime theme. I love detail and process so I attempt to show both in my work.


  • Sketching Journal of any size (needs to be able to handle wet media)

  • Waterproof pen and pencil

  • If you have other pencils or pens you love or want to experiment with bring them along!

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