Make It Abstract with Meg Kaczyk, April 8-May 6

Make It Abstract with Meg Kaczyk, April 8-May 6



Break the ice of photorealism into the delight of color and form that is abstraction at its best. We will embark on a distillation process that eliminates non-essential details, arriving at a piece of modern art that joyfully expresses the basic nature of subject and scene. 

You'll begin by drawing small, from a photo or realistic image. Then you'll put away the original source and get larger and looser, using water-based paint and oil pastels. You'll identify the main composition, working with big shapes, and few details. You'll play with color, and loosen your grip on realism. Getting bigger, and working iteratively, you take this process further into an exploration of essence.

Accompanying this journey, we will look at abstract and expressionist art: how it expresses reality, how we respond to it, and whether, having explored how to abstract your own art, your response to abstraction has changed.  All levels welcome!

Materials fee of $15 to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class.


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