Using Lightroom for Black and White Conversion with Allan Jones, March 21

Using Lightroom for Black and White Conversion with Allan Jones, March 21

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Lightroom Classic CC provides a comprehensive set of tools for converting your digital images to black and white.

We will review the built-in black and white presets provided in the Development panel. That will be followed by looking at the use of the localized adjustment tools, and finally the tools in the Basic and Black and White panels. The class will also cover how to use a virtual copy to protect any prior editing work on color versions while you are working on the black and white conversion.

Discussion will include when it may be helpful to use Photoshop to make specific corrections, and how the transition to and from Photoshop can be done within the Lightroom interface. In Photoshop, we will look at the use of levels adjustment layers for localized corrections to provide precise control over exposure adjustments, which can allow very specific detail recovery in shadow and highlight areas and highly localized tonal adjustments.

There are no formal prerequisites for this class, but a basic familiarity with Lightroom’s tools is recommended.

While bringing a laptop with Lightroom installed is preferred, a full set of notes will be provided along with the a copy of the presentation.


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