Learn to Paint Using Acrylics with Julie Read, January 9-February 6

Learn to Paint Using Acrylics with Julie Read, January 9-February 6



Learn to paint using acrylics in this 5 week course!  Students will explore a range of acrylic painting techniques to create soft images inspired by nature, and also bold, bright, wild creations that acrylics are known for! Each assignment will guide students step-by-step through planning for a painting, preparing surfaces for paint, and finishing a completed painting.

While working as an assistant to Max Grover, Julie was able to absorb information, techniques and style. Combine that experience with her natural talent, enthusiasm and gift for teaching, and you what you get is 3 hours of  fun, information and creativity.


At least 6 acrylic paint colors, a basic set is fine, or get whatever catches your eye. I recommend Golden Heavy Body Acrylics.

Masterson's Sta-Wet palette. Any size is fine, I prefer the 8 X 7 palette. It should include 5 palette papers and a sponge. 

At least 6 brushes in different sizes.  Don't buy expensive sable brushes as acrylic paint will eat them alive. If you don't know where to start, buy a pack that includes a variety of brushes.  One of my favorite brushes is very small, it's the Connoisseur White Taklon brush, round, size 0. The largest brush I recommend is a Connoisseur White Taklon 3/4" square wash.

9 X 12 or larger sketch pad


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Faculty portrait by Chuck Moses ©2017

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