Intermediate Figure Drawing with Kelly Drake, September 24-November 12

Intermediate Figure Drawing with Kelly Drake, September 24-November 12


TUESDAYS, September 24-November 12, 6-8:30 PM

If you have already had some experience at drawing the figure, either by taking Beginning Figure Drawing (or a similar class) or through figure drawing practice, this class is designed to take your figure drawing to the next level. 

In this class, you will expand your understanding of the figure through observation techniques, measuring and looking for specific anatomical structures. You’ll also build on your shading skills, and learn some tricks to improve the three dimensional appearance of the figure on a 2D surface. Improve your compositions by learning how to position your figure on the paper. Use the background to direct the eye where you want it to go. Finally, discover the art of distinctive mark-making and start to develop your own personal style. 

This class will help you take your skill level from figure drawing practice to creating figurative art. 

A live nude model will be present for each class.

Supply List

  • Large pad of newsprint (18x24)

  • Large pad of drawing paper (18x24)

  • At least 2 packages of vine charcoal (soft & medium hardness)

  •   1 can of spray fixative•  gum eraser (or two)•  drawing board

  • drawing board clips or blue masking tape (to hold your paper on the drawing board) 


  •   white soft pastel or conte crayon

  •   nicer paper (we can talk about that in class)

  •   graphite crayon or black conte crayon  

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Note from Kelly: If you have any questions about the class or the supply list, please email Kelly at


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