Intentional Creativity Painting Through the Lens of the Divine Feminine with Jan Jorgensen, June 29 & 30

Intentional Creativity Painting Through the Lens of the Divine Feminine with Jan Jorgensen, June 29 & 30



Simply, with a canvas, brush, and paints, we define our “Intention” and begin a journey of 13 layers of self-expression that rewrites your personal story. The Intentional Creativity Method of Painting brings forth what is living within you, releasing and reclaiming with color and movement towards a new and brighter story for yourself. Within a Sacred Circle Container you will surprise yourself as you easily paint a powerful keepsake that has great meaning on your life path.

Painting is a real, focused way for you to state your intentions and move through any resistance to moving thru your old stories while connecting with a new more authentic colorful self. This is the shift and transformation you will receive when PAINTING with INTENTION…clarity, release of issues that follow you, and renewed energy for your life and dreams. For Men too!!!

You will discover fresh new aspects of yourself in a supportive and fun environment thru painting that re-colors your emotions and self- perceptions.

 I will hold a space for you to remember your power and right to joy, self-expression and power.

When people describe the Intentional Creativity Painting Process I want them to say it’s a place to feel…experience and do…for all people seeking expansion and passion and mostly…self-expression in a safe joyful manner.

No experiences is needed as we are on a creative journey of healing artistic expression.

REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Bring a medium to large canvas, at least 20x24. Bring brushes if you have them, or they will be supplied. Basic paints supplied, but bring your own if you have them. Bring an easel if you would like. The school has limited easels.

MATERIALS FEE: $6.00 cash or check payable to Jan Jorgensen at the start of the workshop.

ABOUT JAN: Jan Sara Jorgensen, RN, MA, is a certified Music Practitioner, Minister, and Educator. Intentional Creativity Painting is one of many components in her toolkit for Women’s Workshops. Jan’s website:

Praise for Jan’s Teaching

I had a healing with Color of Woman graduate and sound healer Jan Jorgensen. This is the soul portrait she painted of me. It's even more beautiful in person. I had a couple of issues that I'd worked on but after working with Jan on Zoom and email, they have been healed. Really remarkable!! For two years I've had leg pain and have done tons of physical therapy. After Jan Jorgensen healing, the leg feels like I never had the pain. She also healed me of chronic regret with my career. Now I'm so busy planning songs to write, paintings to paint and presentations, my brain won't go there! There were other more private issues....healed. A musician and painter myself, I am totally blown away by Jan's abilities to heal. Thank you Jan!!!!  Katie Ketchum 2018

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